Willst du mein Freund/meine Freundin sein? (do you wish to be my boyfriend/girlfriend?)

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Willst du mein Freund/meine Freundin sein? (do you wish to be my boyfriend/girlfriend?)

Willst du mein Freund/meine Freundin sein? (do you wish to be my boyfriend/girlfriend?)

The phrase Freund can indicate either a platonic male friend or a boyfriend, and Freundin can indicate either a platonic feminine friend or perhaps a gf. Context is everything.

Nevertheless, if you’re someone that is directly asking become your Freund/in, the context is obvious. This might be perhaps one of the most simple methods of asking anyone to begin a relationship that is romantic you.

You can invariably relate to some body as “ein Freund/eine Freundin von mir” (a buddy of mine) rather than “mein Freund/meine Freundin. if you’re trying to result in the context clear to distinguish your platonic buddies,” keep in mind to help keep the genders directly too!

4. Willst du mit mir gehen? (would you like to venture out beside me?)

If you’re trying to prevent the context- and gender-specific pitfalls of “Willst du mein Freund sein?”, then this casual phrase is actually for you. This concern describes dating somebody, either in the feeling of just taking place a romantic date or perhaps in the feeling of having a continuing relationsip. Nena, gluten free dating services of 99 Luftballons fame, tried it given that title of her thirteenth record album.

5. Schatz, Liebling, Kuschelbär (pet names)

I must acknowledge that We don’t make use of these within my relationship and hear them extremely seldom from other people. Them, it is frequently Schatz, which literally translates to “treasure. when I do hear any of” Liebling translates to “favorite” or “beloved,” while Kuschelbär means “cuddle bear.”

You can find entire lists of pet names you can find out, ranging from “sweetie” and “angel” to “mouse” and “snail.” There was clearly also one politician that is german Bavarian minister-president Edmund Stoiber, whom described their spouse as Muschi in speeches and interviews. This is childlike language for “pussycat,” a more adult connotation of that word applies in German as well as English while on the surface. Actually, I’d be much more very likely to simply just take this as a demeaning insult than a term of endearment!

Finally, if you’re okay with Denglisch (blending Deutsch and English), it is increasingly okay to state “baby” and “honey” too.

6. Ich bin bis über beide Ohren verliebt. (I’m head over heels in love.)

Literally translated, this phrase means “I’m in love until over both ears,” however the English type of being “head over heels” is not the absolute most rational either. (When will be your mind ever using your heels?) As idioms without direct translations, their meaning is the identical: you actually, actually, actually like some one.

7. Ich steh’ auf dich. (I’m into you.)

It is another loosely translated idiom for just what literally involves the verb stehen, to face. Be cautious to use the accusative dich in this phrase as opposed to the dative dir. The latter would literally suggest you’re standing together with some one!

This expression has a somewhat stronger connotation that is sexual just saying you would like or love one thing or somebody. Because of this, you’d never say something such as “Ich steh’ auf meine Oma” (I’m into my grandmother). Be cautious using this expression.

8. Du bist die Liebe meines Lebens. (You’re the love of my life.)

Here is the many phrase that is sentimental record and, because of its intensity, it is not merely one you’re more likely to hear usually. Its translation is literal and its particular meaning is strong. You now know how if you feel the need to get this feeling off your chest auf Deutsch.

9. Du hast wunderschГ¶ne Augen. (You’ve got gorgeous eyes.)

This phrase works similarly well as being a compliment that is sweet your significant other so that as a pick-up line in the club. As always, it is exactly about the context.

10. KГјss mich. (Kiss me.)

Right right Here we come across our only imperative or command type from the list: kiss me! Command kinds in German are really easy to utilize due to the fact du-form often simply involves getting rid of the –en through the verb, which right here will be küssen (to kiss). If you’re trying to be just a little less direct and demanding, “Kann ich einen Kuss haben?” (“Can I have kiss?”) will bring you exactly the same outcome… if you’re happy, this is certainly.

So Now you understand the basics of flirting, declaring your emotions and separating your platonic connections from your own intimate ones – all in German. It does not make a difference in the world around you whether you actively use these sayings to put the moves on someone or if you simply begin to recognize them. In either case, reviewing these expressions frequently will enhance your German. You’ll start to sound more authentic than in the past, because let’s face it, many textbooks and travel guides don’t cover this stuff! Therefore learn difficult, and viel GlГјck (best of luck) along with of one’s German intimate endeavors!

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